Thanks for taking the time to look around my Blondie site. This isn't the official site but a personal place I set up where anyone can drop by and look at my personal Blondie collection which seems to be growing each week! I've been asked by several people if I own everything on this site and the simple answer is yes. I've collected and gathered alot of things over the years and everything has been carefully scanned in by myself over a long period of time. I love the music and the visuals of Blondie, the whole thing, which is why I wanted to show it all here for anyone to see. There is some exclusive stuff by Austin Young for which I'm very grateful to have here and I'm sure other stuff will crop up in the future.

I've always loved Blondie since I was a kid and Debbie Harry has always looked amazing but I hadn't followed their career as a fan or as a buyer/collector until 1986 when Rockbird and French Kissin' were released. I think I was interested more then because there seemed such a mystery surrounding Debbie and Chris after Blondie disappeared and it remained like that for me throughout the '80s as I started buying the records, posters and magazines. The more I heard and saw the more I loved what they created.

One of the most special nights for me was when Debbie did a series of comeback dates at London's Borderline club in 1989 which is a tiny place. I stood right at the front transfixed all evening not wanting to miss a thing. That was one night I will never forget.

I don't really like talking about myself as I find it boring and think others will too but I have been asked who I am, where I'm from and what I do etc so here goes....

My name is Mark and I live in the UK. Since I can remember I loved art and my grandfather was a great photographer so it kind of came naturally and felt right that I should follow a similar path. I spent 5 years at college studying art, design and photography but by the end of it I had lost my direction and my sense of identity, I guess that's what teenagers go through one way or another!

The internet became my new home in 1997 and after hours, days, weeks and months of toying with ideas, I set up a site with my partner Dave that has become a successful full-time business with over 1,600,000 users. I still do my art and photography but this site has become more important in the last few years so expect lots of updates in the weeks, months and probably years to come! Although my idea and motivation, Dave does plays a big part in working on this Blondie site with me and I couldn't have done it or continue to update without him.

Since March 2003, we've been buying and installing studio equipment in our house. I've worked on quite a few tracks since then and set up a site for my own music Elektradog - Dave & Marky's own recordings/songs online, check them out if you like electronic, moody stuff.

Mark Bruce. 
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