Plastic Letters 2001 Liner Notes CD Booklet

 The second album was made again at Plaza Sound and then acquired by Chrysalis Records, a company whose main office was in England. They understood the international potential for the band, and set about developing the overseas markets first. This time we gave them the perfect vehicle - a song called Denis.

The song was a cover of an early '60s hit by Randy & The Rainbows called Denise. Debbie changed the gender and sang it from a different point of view than the original. The arrangement and the sound were more like a band playing in the echo-driven "wall of sound" style made popular by the Crystals and Ronettes. What made it totally unique, though, was that in the middle she burst into French. Her phrasing and accent aside, it felt great and sounded amazing. Another example of the band's innovative qualities.

When Chrysalis took over, I was asked by Terry Ellis to go back and re-record the French portion with a proper translation as well as in English. We tried, but there was just too much magic in the mix, so Denis was released as-is. We had captured a moment in time, and this time it was accepted by European radio and the public at large. Blondie had a huge hit with Denis, album sales followed, and they became instant celebrities throughout the world. America would be next.

This is where I leave the saga and Mike Chapman takes over. He was able to channel the band into becoming an ongoing commercial pop music machine, without losing the essence of their meaning or personality. That makes him a great producer.

Many great songs and hits followed, but those first two albums set the stage for the success to come, and I'm proud to have played even a small part in the development of this amazing band.

Richard Gottehrer
May 2001

UK Remastered CD 2001

Front Cover

Disc Label

Back Cover

Producer: Richard Gottehrer
Released on: Chrysalis/Capitol Records
Date of release: 2001
Highest position Album Chart: n/a
Number of weeks Album Chart: n/a
UK 2001 issue CD Cat No: 72435-33598-2-9

Track listing:
1. Fan Mail
2. Denis
3. Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)
4. Youth Nabbed As Sniper
5. Contact In Red Square
6. (I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear
7. I'm On E
8. I Didn't Have The Nerve To Say No
9. Love At The Pier
10. No Imagination
11. Kidnapper
12. Detroit 442
13. Cautious Lip

BONUS TRACKS ON THE 2001 release:
14. Once I Had A Love (aka The Disco Song) (1975 Version)
15. Scenery
16. Poets Problem
17. Detroit 442 (Live) Recorded live 11/6/78 at the Walnut Theatre in Philadelphia, PA. Previously Unreleased 2001-2008.  About | Contact | Search