Markyb & Dave in Brighton
Rip-Her-To-Shreds Exclusive

My Blondie Weekend in Brighton 19th-20th November 2005

What a weekend that was. I hadn't realised until a week before that Dave and I would be celebrating our 10th anniversary together in Brighton... the same weekend we were gonna be seeing Blondie live!
We arrived Saturday around 1pm.... after I'd parked the car and we were walking into town, I saw all this graffiti which was just begging to be photographed, I was amazed at how good it was so I spent a little time photographing that. There were some really interesting political stuff that I just had to add to this page...


Next we did a spot of lunch followed by hotel check-in. The next day we... er.... did some more shopping, I got carried away looking around this brick-a-brack shop that was full of really old things from toys to retro telephones and stuff. While we were there we got a call from the 2 girls doing the Blondie fan documentary so went straight to where the filming of the interview set-up was in a venue not far from us. They were great and it was a lot of fun to do, although I'm not very good at answering questions at the best of times, I did my best. A few other fans did their interviews after us and by about 3:30pm we all walked to the back of the Brighton Centre to catch the band arriving.... this is something I've never done before. Everyone assumes I've met the band and spoken to them but in fact I've never spoken to any of them and never hung around before or after a gig for many reasons. The tour bus arrived about 4:30 and everyone got off the bus one by one. Debbie signed a couple of autographs then disappeared inside the VIP entrance but Clem hung around doing pics and autographs for anyone who asked so I politely asked if he'd pose for one with me. It really made my weekend to have a pic done so many many thanks Clem!


Later on we were back at the Brighton Centre around 7:30 for the gig. I bought all the merchandise and a couple of the new tour program posters. There were even Strawberry Sunday condoms to buy which everyone seemed to be buying!
Hugh Cornwell from The Stranglers was the support act before Blondie. It was just him on guitar, a drummer and a female bass player but they were really good.
I can't remember the setlist for Blondie but songs performed that night included Dreaming, Comic Books, More Than This (Roxy Music cover) Rapture, lots of songs from Parallel Lines, The Tide Is High plus many many more which I cannot remember. The encore included Atomic and Heart Of Glass. Debbie wore red trousers and red top and looked fabulous. Another great night that will stay with me!

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