Debbie Harry Dolls
A page showcasing my collection of unique Debbie Harry Dolls and the story behind them.

Blondie Official Fan Club

A collection of various items from the original Official Blondie Fan Club which ran in the late '70's to the early '80's.

Blondie Myspace Layouts

A collection of Blondie Myspace Layouts that I designed using Feel free to use them on your myspace page or even customise the layouts to suit your tastes. I will try and add more in the future!

Rip-Her-To-Shreds Competitions

Between December 2003 and September 2004 we did monthly give-away competitions that proved very popular. Here you'll find an archive of those competitions and prizes won.

Website Polls

If you're bored why not take part in the on-going website polls and vote for your favorite in each list!


Website Exclusives

1. 25th April 2006 - Q & A Interview with Marcus Reichert, artist, writer and filmmaker, responsible for the movie, Union City.

2. 24th Nov 2005 - Special feature by the webmasters of this site - Markyb & Dave in Brighton for the November 2005 Blondie UK Tour.

3. 19th April 2005 - Interview with songwriter Michael Jay by Stephen Hill - Mind Over Matter. The unreleased Debbie Harry track.

4. 8th Jan 2005 - 2 articles by Stephen Hill - Good Boys and an interview with Greta Brinkman.

5. 7th March 2004 - Q & A Interview with Allan Metz, compiler of the book Blondie - From Punk To The Present.

6. 13th Oct 2003 - Q & A Interview with New York artist Rob Roth, the man behind the artwork for the Blondie albums No Exit and The Curse Of Blondie.

7. 30th July 2003 - Exclusive interview with artist Austin Young and never before seen photos of Debbie from a shoot he did with her in 1995. 2001-2008.  About | Contact | Search