News Of The World - Sunday 18th September 1988 - Page 23

So guess
who's back
in town?


EYE eye, who's yer lady friend? But pop star Debbie Harry is TOO well-known to get away with a stunt like this.
Delectable Debbie was playing hard to get when she and hunky Thompson Twins star Tom Bailey had a night out in London.
And it was plain to see that she has recovered her stunning good looks. Not so long ago the ex-Blondie singer was frumpy and fat from the strain of caring for her ill boyfriend, guitarist Chris Stein.
Their 13-year affair ended in February. Now she is winning admiring glances from pop star Tom.
And devastating Debs is once again heading for stardom - in the new hit movie, Hairspray. 2001-2008.  About | Contact | Search