Record Mirror - March 10th 1979

Pages 20, 21, 23

On the centre pages 20 & 21 is a double-page poster of Debbie from a classic photograph by Chris Stein.


Page 23


More Debbies per massage
IS THE WORLD populated by Debbie Harry, or is she merely a permanent feature in Record Mirror? Whatever the reason for continually publishing posters of her, why not as a change (some chance) do one of Kate Bush or Lene Lovich.
Mike, Birmingham.

She's merely a permanent in Record Mirror - editors prefer blondes.

Cries for Quo... again
WHY FILL the centre pages of RM with terrible colour pictures of Debbie Harry. How about putting them to good use by printing colour photos of AC/CD, Sabbath and Quo. I mean, who is prettier?
A. Bowman, Dover.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Grow up, you can't possibly imagine that... oh, what's the use.

Latex... up yours
I WOULD be most grateful if in your Brighten up your Bedroom series number four, you could get the delicious Debbie Harry to pose in nothing but thigh length rubber wellies with her hands tied over her head with a piece of rubber tubing.
Lots of love (especially to Juicy Luicy, Rosalind Russell and of course, Deb Harry).
Debbie at the home for unwanted perverts, England.

What the hell, you disgusting pervert! Why should our pages be disgraced by this sort of filth. The other reason is that everyone's hands were shaking so much they couldn't tie the knot.

The eyes of Deborah H.
WHY DOES your number one poster of Blondie show Debbie Harry with blue / green eyes, when number two shows her with brown eyes? Are you fooling us?
Derek Moles, London.

Yip. We reckon they might be any colour really, it's just that she has that effect on cameras. Makes you green, dunnit? 2001-2008.  About | Contact | Search