Record Mirror - 11th March 1978

Debbie Harry colour center pages 16 & 17


Page 19


Don't go blind boys

[Picture Caption: DEBBIE HARRY: Old boots and panties yet.]

THIS IS me begging for a piccy of seductive Debbie Harry of Blondie. I have noticed that there has been a shortage of this delightful bit of female enterprise in your paper. PLEASE, I beg of you, print one for me and many others won't be disappointed.
A Stoner and A Sore Foot.
PS. A nice big one of her lushus body.

If this week's issue doesn't satisfy, better visit your doctor soon.

I'm in love with her!!
DEBORAH HARRY is gorgeous, fantastic, beautiful, lovely, superb, great looking, nice, she even wears fantastic clothes as well. She is a great singer, and 'Denis' is the best single in decades. Please, please, please could we have more posters, pics, words, anything on Deborah Harry in RM. Because after seeing her on Top Of The Pops I have fallen madly in love with her. Is she married? Would she marry me if I asked her?
Neil (A Blondie fan)

No - Debbie Harry.

Confused sexist's corner
PLEASE COULD I have a picture of Elvis Costello or Blondie with nothing on.
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