Record Mirror - January 20th 1979

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Full 1 page ad for the single 'Heart Of Glass.'
Ad reads as:
A Limited Edition 12" disco single from BLONDIE. B/W 'Rifle Range' and 'Heart Of Glass' (instrumental).

Also available on 7" (excluding instrumental).


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Reviewed by PAUL SEXTON

FROM the master of the prediction that misfires, here are some of the more bearable of this week's singles categorised by their chart potential. Here we go pop-pickers....


BLONDIE: 'Heart of Glass'
(Chrysalis CHS 12 2275).
The winner of our Best (Un) Dressed poll and her pals head for the discos with this remix from 'Parallel Lines'. Written by Debs and Chris Stein and produced by Mike Chapman, no less, it's ridiculously commercial with a haunting verse and a humalong finish. Taking over in the discos where Ian Dury left off. And it's on 12 inch. Yum yum. 2001-2008.  About | Contact | Search