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chart attack - Wednesday 26th September 2007

Debbie Harry Brings Necessary Evil
By: Aaron Brophy

Debbie Harry, the infamous frontwoman of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees Blondie, will return with her sixth solo album, Necessary Evil, on Oct. 9.

"It's exciting to be doing this on my own, but chilling and weird at the same time," Harry says of her first solo album since 1993's Debravation. "In a way, I will be out there without a safety net.

"The comfort level with Blondie is great, but in most cases the audience wants to hear the old music from us rather than the future, and that is death for an artist. You have to keep moving forward."

Harry immersed herself in the album, her first for Eleven Seven Music, overseeing everything from picking out her own mastering company to producing the video for lead single "Two Times Blue" and acting as creative director during photo shoots. The album artwork was even created from photos that Harry took of herself.

Harry collaborated on the record with New York City production team Super Buddha (Barb Morrison and Charles Nieland), Jazz Passengers' Roy Nathanson and Bill Ware, The Toilet Boys' Guy Furrow and Blondie's Chris Stein.

Harry previewed some of her new material when she performed as part of this past summer's True Colors tour with Cyndi Lauper, The Cliks, The Gossip, The Dresden Dolls and Erasure. You can hear "Two Times Blue" and "If I Had You" on her MySpace page.

Here are the songs on Necessary Evil:

"Two Times Blue" 
"School For Scandal" 
"If I Had You" 
"Deep End" 
"Love With A Vengeance" 
"Necessary Evil" 
"Charm Redux" 
"You're Too Hot" 
"Dirty And Deep" 
"What Is Love" 
"Needless To Say" 
"Heat Of The Moment" 
"Charm Alarm" 
"Jen Jen" 
"Naked Eye" 

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