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Courant.com - 10th October 2007


'Necessary Evil' by Deborah Harry
Five Seven Music
By KENNETH PARTRIDGE | The Hartford Courant 

At this point, Deborah Harry has little, if anything, left to prove. The 62-year-old Blondie front woman has achieved icon status, and pop-culture pundits rightly cite her influence on everyone from Madonna to Avril Lavigne.

For all its perks, though, being a legend can be a drag. The general listening public long ago decided how it will remember Harry, and anything she records from here on out is unlikely to affect her lasting reputation.

"Necessary Evil," her first solo album in 14 years, is pretty much what its title suggests. Harry remains a creative force, and it's clear she needs to continue making music, but her new songs lack the cohesive spark needed to make anyone but diehard fans take notice.

Part of the problem is her choice of collaborators. Production team Super Buddha oversaw many of the tracks, and its stock rock guitars and nondescript dance arrangements make it hard for Harry to generate any real excitement. Standout "Two Times Blue" has been killing in dance clubs, but, as good as it is, it smacks of late-'90s Cher.

What makes the album especially disappointing is the fact that Harry can still sing. Listening to her hit those lilting high notes, it's easy to imagine she has another classic album in her. In better hands, she may bring it out.

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