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dallasnews - 29th November 2007

Deborah Harry true to her roots at the House of Blues 

POP REVIEW: Harry rocks with necessary attitude at HOB

12:00 AM CST on Thursday, November 29, 2007

By JENNY BLOCK / Special Contributor to The Dallas Morning News

To the sounds of techno dance music, Deborah Harry took the stage at the House of Blues on Wednesday night bopping and altogether belying her 62 years. She wore a black mini tank dress and a black sequined skullcap. The crowd was disappointingly sparse in the reserved seating. But in general admission, fans pushed against the stage, dancing and reaching for Ms. Harry just like in her Blondie days.

"And what is your necessary evil?" she asked the crowd. 

The sound system was strangely off during the first two songs. But it was quickly remedied, bringing the sounds from Ms. Harry's microphone in balance with those of the rest of her band a keyboardist and guitarist who also sang backup as well as a drummer and bassist. 

Ms. Harry's voice is as strong as ever, with the characteristic throatiness for which she is famous. Her dancing hasn't changed one bit from the '80s, from the way she tosses her cropped blond locks to the shoulder rolling and hip swaying that bring back images of MTV in the days when videos were the only thing they aired. 

The highlights of the show included "Two Times Blue" and "If I Had You" from her new release, Necessary Evil, and "French Kissin" from Rockbird, which came out in 1986. But what really made Ms. Harry shine is the fact that she is as sexy as ever and she knows it. Something she proved without a doubt as she pranced and posed and stomped through "You're Too Hot," which is also from her latest release.

Her new music, although rock-based to be sure, has, at times, a retro feel of sorts. But Ms. Harry is no novelty act. She's not a Blondie cover band, which appeared to be tough for some old-school fans to swallow. Much like when she was in town June 23 on the True Colors Tour with Cyndi Lauper, fans yelled out, "Blondie," from the crowd. 

And so when Ms. Harry performed an acoustic version of "Tide Is High," the crowd came alive. "That's what we came here for," audience members cried out. They seemed equally delighted with an acoustic version of "Heart of Glass." 

Many rose to their feet when she left the stage, yelling for her return. And return she did, closing with an impressive version of the new "Charm Alarm." And between the show's lighting design, which was at times quite dramatic, and Ms. Harry's trademark rock-star attitude, it's clear that the girl's still got it.

Jenny Block is a Dallas freelance writer.

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