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Dykons - Deborah Harry

29 August 2007 

They made your hands clammy, your knees quiver, and sent your hormones spinning when you were a dyke-in-training. Its time to pay homage at the altar of dyke icons. Still stylish, still singing, and still as punk as hell after all these years, this Blondie is still a supreme Dykon.

Deborah Ann Harry.

Also known as:
Debbie Harry, Blondie.

Not to be confused with:
Arch punk goddess rival Patti Smith.

Last seen:
Getting ready for a European tour with Blondie and launching her first solo album for 14 years. Necessary Evil features a track in which Ms Harry speaks out in support of rapper Li'l Kim and, although Deborah has been more of a jazz chanteuse of late, this album marks a return to a more dance infected electro-rock style a pure New York City sound.

Best feature:
Blimey, where to start? Her iconic style? The cheekbones? Her ability to weather the worst storms and survive? That rap she did on Rapture? The songs she sang with Blondie? Her acting in Videodrome, Hairspray and countless other remarkable indie films? The woman has got it all.

Candy Bar or Kenric?
Neither, CBGBs was the only hangout for this gal.

Most likely to:
Stage yet another comeback.

Least likely to:
Worry what anyone thinks about it.

Is she a sista?
Yes! Can it really be true? In 2004 she was reported as saying that she'd slept with lots of women, adding that although she had serious relationships with men, "I have had my sexual relationships with women, yes. I have had - and probably will still have - a pretty exotic lifestyle." Hurrah!

Phwoarrr rating?
Very high indeed.

Do mention:
Deborah Harry is a living legend and international treasure.

Don't mention:

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By: CC 

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