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EDP 24 News - 16th July 2007


Blondie's electrifying forest set 

"Are you warm out there? Well I want you to get hotter!" demanded Debbie Harry towards the end of her electrifying set and the finale of the forest tours at Thetford.

Some years may have passed since CBGBs in New York, and the line-up a little different, but Blondie are as polished and poised as ever and the feisty Ms Harry can still hold an audience in the palm of her hand.

Six thousand packed out High Lodge with their picnic blankets and camping chairs, with many casting them aside and rushing forward as a roar spread through the crowd and the band blasted straight in to Call Me.

The icon, the sex symbol and the best front woman of all time went straight in to Dreaming and Union City Blue, with barely a break in the music and certainly no chit chat.

The crowd cheered as Debbie uttered "I would've called but..." and the sounds of a telephone ringing signalled one of the band's best-loved hits.

Such a storming show opener of hit after hit meant the families, couples and new teen fans were dancing and singing along and were certainly well warmed up, even with the sun going down behind the trees.

The sultry disco pastiche Atomic and proto hip-hop Rapture were among the highlights, both running in to extended versions with "Mr Atomic himself" Paul Carbonara given a chance in the spotlight for a guitar solo.

And so it carried on - the breezy Sunday Girl, their nineties hit Maria, The Tide is High, Picture This and One Way or Another meant that even the non die-hard fans could enjoy this impressive greatest hits package.

Denis and Heart of Glass provided a fun encore for a show that never lulled or lessened its pace.

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