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Ents24 - 30th May 2008

Ents24 Talks To Blondie!

Having survived multiple line-up changes, inter-band feuds, illness, drug abuse and more than thirty years in the business, Blondie are still one of the most iconic and inspiring acts to have come out of the late seventies new wave scene. Making the difficult crossover between punk and pop, their trademark deadpan disco and perfectly crafted tunes are still as popular today as when they scored their first UK number one back in 1979; the timeless Heart Of Glass. This summer will see Blondie headlining the main stage at this year's GuilFest and to celebrate, Ents24 put some of your questions to guitarist Chris Stein. 

> Blondie have been through some difficult times but you're still going thirty years on - how have you managed to survive? Gemma, Bristol 

CS: Think positive! 

> Blondie have introduced many styles to the mainstream over their 30-year career and have always been quite experimental. If you were to record a new Blondie record what direction do you think you 
would you take it in now? Steve, Edinburgh 

CS: At this point, we would like to do a more stripped down rock record. You never know, though. It depends on the times and what is going on at that moment. 

> There seems to be a lot of interest in everything to do with the eighties at the moment - do you think that this revival has helped to expand Blondie's fanbase, or will younger generations always look 
back these iconic eras? Polly, Southampton 

CS: Sort of. The media has finally realised what it was all about, thirty years later. We had this sort of revitalisation in the 90s too. We have always had young kids listen to us. 

> Blondie have always had a massive fanbase in the UK; why do you think you've been so popular over here? John, Southport 

CS: The UK has the national weekly rock media that doesn't exist in the US. The US has so many different areas and styles that you have to get to. It is so diverse here. 

> Out of your entire back-catalogue, which song would you say most defines the sound of Blondie? Rebecca, Reading 

CS: It's hard to say. There are so many good ones! 

> When Blondie play live, which track is the most enjoyable to perform? Karyn, Plymouth 

CS: Generally whatever the newest stuff is at the time. Audience reaction has a lot to do with it. 

> You're about to head out on the 30th Anniversary Tour - does the touring get harder the older you all get, or are you all just as keen? Nick, Shrewsbury 

CS: I enjoy doing the shows, but it depends. I miss the kids! 

> You've been in the public eye since your early twenties, does being famous ever start to feel normal? Michael, Worksop 

CS: Nah, I don't know. It depends what you mean by normal. On certain levels, it doesn't mean anything to be famous. It's not like we're Michael Jackson or anything. 

> You have two small children with your wife Barbara. If they were to show an interest in the music business as they got older, would you encourage or discourage them? Mark, Durham 

CS: I would encourage them. They can do whatever they want to do. They'd better make some money soon! 

> In 2006, Blondie were inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame, alongside Leonard Skynard, the Sex 
Pistols, Miles Davis and Black Sabbath. How does it feel to know that something you created is going to go down in history? Paul, Reading 

CS: It's nice to know. If I come back in another incarnation and see Blondie records...what will they think of it? 

> As part of the Parallel Lines 30th Anniversary Tour, you're playing some UK dates as well as a 
headline slot at GuilFest - how does the atmosphere compare between playing festivals and indoor shows, and are festivals still a bit of an alien concept in America? Pat, Mansfield 

CS: Festivals are always a lot of fun. I enjoy it more. It's a different atmosphere...a little crazier. People that go to festivals have to be dedicated to stand around for 8 hours. The fans are more enthused when their favourite band comes on. 

> To celebrate Blondie's 30th anniversary, you're going on tour and re-releasing Parallel Lines, but is there anything special that yourself, Debbie and the rest of the guys will do to mark the occasion? Rachael, Kettering 

CS: We're gonna play the record in its entirety on the tour. We are all real excited about that! 

Blondie will headline the main stage at this year's GuilFest on Saturday 5th July and will be on 
tour throughout the summer. For more details, see their page here on Ents24.

Link: Ents24 - 30th May 2008

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