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Evolution Of Media - Necessary Evil Album Review

Album: Necessary Evil

Artist: Debbie Harry 

Style: Rock

No question, Debbie Harry is one interesting person. Most famous for fronting the New Wave/ Punk band Blondie, Harry has also thrilled many as a solo star. Her last album, Debravation (1993) was released more than a decade ago, and during that time she's managed to reunite with her old band, as well as flexing herself out to other spectrums of the entertainment world. But now she's back with Necessary Evil, a fun and explosive record which shows Harry at her best. 

There's something catchy and depressing about Necessary Evil; it's a mass confusion of electro-pop, funk, hip-hop, pop and more that'll leave you in a dizzy spell. Oddly enough it worked, and Harry scores with songs like the New Wave-meets-modern rock tune "Two Times Blue" and the playfully awesome "You're Too Hot," which makes Avril Lavigne's recent Toni Basil impression cower in comparison. Strangely unexpected (or not), she comments on Lil' Kim's incarceration on hip-hop track "Dirty and Deep," which also incorporates elements of "You're Too Hot." Harry scores mostly on her dance-tinged tracks, but there are moments where she slows it down on "If I Had You" and on the last track "Paradise," the latter feeling somewhat like a miss due to its six minute time length. 

Necessary Evil puts Harry on a whole other level than her modern counterparts, and is sure to thrust her front and center back into the spotlight she deserves. She's the original bottle blonde front-woman turned solo artist, and people like Gwen Stefani owe this icon some love. You can hear some traces of Stefani's Love.Angel.Music.Baby on Necessary Evil: they're two albums that are both ambitious in direction, ear pounding in sound. But Necessary Evil comes out on top, sounding more like the older, maturer, wiser sister on this one. The one you can trust. 

Written By: Caroline Leonardo

Link: Evolution Of Media - Necessary Evil Album Review

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