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ForbesAutos - 1st November 2007

Cruising for Real Scandal
Rocker Debbie Harry talks about her new album, her old wheels, and her plans to turn one car into a shark.

by Shira Levine 

As the lead singer of Blondie, Debbie Harry was a pioneer for New York’s downtown rock-and-roll scene in the 1970s and '80s, so it figures that she would hold onto a piece of that era — in this case, her wheels.

But now she's changing gears and might send her throwback ride for an extreme makeover. 

Check out what the "Heart of Glass" singer has to say about her new solo album “Necessary Evil,” as well as the perils of owning a $20 car with brakes gone bad.

ForbesAutos: What car do you drive?
Harry: I have a 1973 Chevy Caprice. I've had it forever. I love it and somehow or other I keep it going. But I think I'm about to hand it over to some chop artist and have him make it into a shark.

Why chop it up now?
I was watching this movie the other night with [1960s Southern California car customizer] Big Daddy Roth and I thought, "God, I should really do something to that Chevy." So, I decided I'd like to make it into a shark.

What exactly does that mean?
Honestly, I don't know. I just know I want to make it into a shark! 

Do you recall the first car you ever owned?
It was a ’60-something Plymouth or something like that. It was $20 or something. It had no brakes. Well actually it did have brakes, but it needed brake lining and somehow the brake fluid was always leaking out. So I was always driving around with two things of brake fluid with me and was always having to pour it in. That was my car! 

Do you consider yourself a “car person”?
I like cars and everything. I'm not really a souped-up kind of car person since I am mostly in New York.

What do you drive when you're out in L.A.?
It's usually a rental. I have to drive a Smart Car out there and be good to the environment, you know.

What's the style of your new album?
The new album is my first solo album in a long time. It's pretty much a rock album. It's a collection of songs about love. There are also some social comments included.

What social issues are you commenting on?
It's actually about the press.

Oh, what did we do now?
Well it’s not really about you guys. It's about scandal. A song on the album is called “School for Scandal.” There's an old play written a long, long time ago called “School for Scandal” and it sort of rings true for today as well as back then. It's scandal for the sake of scandal. I want real scandal! I don't want any more of this fake scandal! 

What is a real scandal in the eyes of Debbie Harry?
A blow job in the Oval Office. Although, I do admire him for having that blow job.

Is this an album you'd recommend for a long road trip?
Oh definitely, yes. The quality is really great. It sounds great in my car's speakers. It has a mixture of things. There are some up-tempo things, there's some serious things and there's some weird things. And that is pretty much it.

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