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Freep.com - 14th October 2007

Deborah Harry still plays it sexy

Deborah Harry, the iconic vocalist from the punk-new wave band Blondie, is in feisty, sexy shape on this long-overdue collection of rock and dance-oriented material, her first solo release in 14 years.

"Necessary Evil" finds the 62-year-old Harry working with the production team Super Buddha (Barb Morrison and Charles Nieland), and the combination sparks some choice moments, starting with the collar-grabbing title track that delivers screaming guitar lines from the school of Hendrix.

"You're Too Hot" is a raunchy slice of garage-punk -- all loud and nasty, but that's just a lead-in to the aptly named "Dirty and Deep." This one is reminiscent of the Blondie dance hits "Rapture" and "Atomic," with electronic bloops and beats providing the backdrop for Harry's lascivious line, "You've gotta lick it like you love it / All over me."

Less randy and more high-gloss is "Two Times Blue," which shows that Harry can still hit the high notes and deliver a classic pop song. Also notable are "Jen Jen" and "Naked Eye," both produced by Blondie guitarist Chris Stein.

By Martin Bandyke, Free Press special writer

Link: Freep.com - 14th October 2007

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