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harpmagazine.com - September 2007

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Deborah Harry

Necessary Evil

Eleven Seven

Since her glory days with Blondie, Deborah Harry’s never released a wholly satisfying solo album. That’s true of Necessary Evil, but as is also true of her solo works, there are occasional bright spots. For example, the album gets off to a good start with the “Two Times Blues,” as light and breezy a slice of pop as you could wish for. But it then flounders around in search of a compelling style, and never really coalesces; Harry sings each song well enough, but doesn’t always fully make them her own. Songs like “School for Scandal” and “If I Had You” cruise the more formulaic side of the street, while “What Is Love” and “Whiteout” each suffer from a lyrical repetitiousness. The same could be said of “You’re Too Hot,” but it also has a welcome edginess, as the sassy “Dirty and Deep,” which harkens back to the days of “Rapture.” But overall, a mixed bag.

By Gillian G. Gaar

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