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icWales - 14th September 2007

Deborah Harry, Necessary Evil

by Christopher Rees, Western Mail

AS the captivating front woman of late í70s punk legends Blondie, Debbie Harry became a rock icon.

Long before her influence inspired the likes of Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Garbage among countless others, she was rockís original blonde pin-up.

But there was a lot more to Harry than just good looks. Full of attitude, intelligence and empowered female identity, she is often credited for being one of first singers to involve rap in a major pop/rock hit (Rapture) and the way that Blondie incorporated other musical styles, like disco and reggae, into their sound is also significant.

The bandís influence on the current crop of chart-topping new wave revivalists is also undeniable. Following a successful reunion with Blondie, Harry now returns in her own right with this her first solo album in 14 years. Itís a mixed bag really with several tracks that brim with that feisty attitude and edge that she is so celebrated for and rather a few too many that pass by without much of interest.

Stepping out alone again with an assertive commitment towards moving forward as an artist, she succeeds in part with songs like Deep End and Youíre Too Hot but relapses on others like If I Had You, which could be an Avril Lavigne power ballad.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether she is actually recreating the new wave sound that became so influential, pushing that sound forward or just trying to compete and keep up with her 2007 disciples.

Produced by new young NYC production team Super Buddah, Jazz Passengersí Roy Nathanson and Bill Ware, the Toilet Boysí Guy Furrow and long-time collaborator Chris Stein, it does appear that there may have been a few too many cooks in the kitchen, which perhaps explains the eclectic flow of the album and itís more than long 17 tracks.

Trimmed down to itís best 10 or 11 songs would have made for a far stronger and more coherent listening experience but, if you are prepared to take the good with the bad, there is enough to satisfy and occasionally thrill.

Standout Tracks Youíre Too Hot, Deep End

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