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miamiherald - 15th November 2007

One way or another, she's gonna getcha

Deborah Harry has been an icon of the avant-garde, hipster New York new wave scene since her group Blondie hit it big with the 1978 album Parallel Lines. On Friday night, the singer performs at the Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater in support of her new album, Necessary Evil. Tickets ($40) are still available.

What can we expect from your show here?

I'm gonna be doing some of my new album, some of my old solo hits and the Blondie hits The Tide Is High and Heart of Glass.

You were born in Miami, right? How long did you live here?

About three minutes [laughs]. It was a very short time -- I was adopted and I stayed there about three months and was brought up to New Jersey.

How often do you come back?

Usually a couple times a year, at least.

What's your favorite thing about Miami?

I guess great restaurants, great night life, good shopping. I'm not much of a beach person -- I come to socialize and meet friends.

Least favorite?

There's so much traffic in South Beach.

Do you have a favorite restaurant here?

My friend owned a place called Starfish years ago, but I don't think it's around anymore. [The space is now occupied by Barton G. The Restaurant.] I like all the Cuban places, too.

You were a huge part of the hip New York night life scene of the '70s, including CBGB's and Studio 54. What are your fondest memories of that era?

I guess the usual, going out and having fun, laughing it up and dancing. Wherever your friends are is where you're going to enjoy yourself. I used to see Andy Warhol fairly regularly.

Has anything in Miami ever compared?

Yeah, the clubs are very intense, and people like to dance and party all night long.

Do you enjoy going to nightclubs here?

Yes, but I don't know the names -- they come and they go pretty quickly. And the last couple times I've been down here, I haven't had time to go out.


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