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Mirror.co.uk - 21st July 2006


BBC1, 10.35PM

By Jane Simon 21/07/2006

LIKE Debbie Harry's hair, the story of Blondie is as much about dark patches as it is about highlights.

And this utterly absorbing documentary, featuring frank interviews with all of the band - past and present - doesn't gloss over any of them.

The drugs, guitarist Chris Stein's life-threatening illness, their feud with their former manager, and the fact that when they were inducted into the Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame three of the band were suing the others - it's all here, and it's all fascinating.

There's also the excruciating demo of Heart Of Glass before producer Mike Chapman got his hands on it. And even better is Blondie's debut public performance of The Tide Is High featuring, for some reason, a violin player who'd obviously never heard the song before but thought he'd have a go anyway. It's heaven on a pogo-stick for pop fans.

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