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New-noise.net - 28th September 2007

Deborah Harry – Necessary Evil
By Lisa Holmes

It is such a relief when your heroes don’t disgrace themselves. This is Debbie (Deborah is just too formal and ageing; albeit intentionally) Harry’s first solo album for eleven years, and as anyone who has seen Blondie live over the past few years will attest Harry’s ballsy performance and unique voice are still very much up to scratch. Whilst this may not be a revolutionary record or boast the barrage of perfect pop that makes up ‘Parallel Lines’, it is still a good solid slice of power pop. Harry plays with different genres to varying effect, highlights include opener ‘Two Times Blue’ and the old school rock of ‘You’re Too Hot’, while lower points are the sparse, electro-based ‘Love With A Vengeance’. This isn’t exactly a new leaf but it does seem to be a new chapter and it bodes well for the future – a word that hasn’t been positively associated with Ms Harry for a while.

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