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nydailynews.com - 21st June 2008

Mermaid role pulls Debbie Harry in deep
Saturday, June 21st 2008, 4:00 AM 

In the movie "Full Grown Men," opening Wednesday, actress and singer Deborah Harry plays a woman who performed so long as a mermaid at a Florida theme park that she's convinced she really is one. 

"The mermaid intrigued me," says Harry, who loved delivering such lines as, "Nothing against sea cows, but I'm hardly a manatee." 

Harry also improvised a flirtation during one scene with the hero, 35-year-old Alby (Matt McGrath), a husband and father who idealizes his barely finished childhood and - in a fit of nostalgia - goes on a road trip to a faded amusement park. 

"In real life it would be a beautiful thing for a person to really embrace what they're doing so wholeheartedly," says Harry about her character. "I know it's part of the whole arrested-development theme, but there's something beautiful about it and so sweet." 

And there's something very satisfying about touring with Blondie to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their best album, "Parallel Lines," which the group will perform in its entirety at the Nokia Theater tonight. 

The album, which included hits like "Heart of Glass," just hit the U.K.'s Top 40 again thanks to its showing up in a commercial directed by David Lynch. 

But thanks to more recent albums and hit singles like "Maria," Blondie can avoid the trap of nostalgia. The band, which was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, also will play at least one song from Harry's 2007 album "Necessary Evil." One listener, U2's The Edge, considered it one of the best of the year. 

Yet Harry, who became a star thanks mostly to "Parallel Lines," still has mixed feelings about the album. 

"I'm not totally in love with every song, but I feel like I can stand up for it," she says. "I'm proud of the whole thing. That was a long time ago and the music is really okay. Some of it's a little melancholic and sweet. And some of it, I think, 'Well, that was a crazy person.'" 

Which song makes her think that? "I'm not telling," she says, laughing. 

Michael Giltz

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