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nymag.com - 5th September 2007


Party Report

The Sex-Obsessed Party With Todd Thomas and Debbie Harry

Designer Todd Thomas decorated his modest, twenty-piece show on the crowded rooftop of 60 Thompson last night with huge prints of Gestalt tests reshaped into kimonos, Rorschach ink blots made into belts, and big No. 2 pencil dresses. “Oh, it was all about the sex,” Thomas giggled, recalling his past reactions to Rorschach tests. Guest of honor Debbie Harry, meanwhile, denied putting subliminal messages into any of her songs (“Rush Rush” merely referenced cocaine, she explained, with the word “yayo”). Instead, her new album has an out-and-out message about the media: “It's about scandal. I want real scandal! I don't want anymore of this fake scandal.” And what constitutes a real scandal? “A blow job in the Oval Office.” —Xiyin Tang with Shira Levine 

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