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The Buffalo News - 30th September 2007

Deborah Harry, “Necessary Evil” (Five Seven Music). Today, they call them divas. Referring to Deborah Harry as the mother of them all is to do her disservice. Fronting Blondie, Harry had no trouble straddling musical worlds and idioms — punk, new wave, pop, dance music, early hip-hop, all handled with the unerring cool that became her trademark. Outside of Blondie, Harry proved herself an idiosyncratic and quite able jazz singer with the Jazz Passengers. She’s also maintained a solo career. “Necessary Evil” is her sixth entry in the solo canon, and like Harry herself, it’s both bold and playful, distinctly left-of-center and unabashedly pop. With the help of New York production team Super Buddha, Blondie cohort Chris Stein, Jazz Passengers Roy Nathanson and Bill Ware, and Guy Furrow of the Toilet Boys, Harry has crafted a gorgeous pastiche of everything it is she does well. Her voice is still stunning, her ear for melody unerring, her irreverence intact. Wonderful. 1/2( J.M.) 

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