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The First Post - 21st September 2007

Review by Johnny Dee

Deborah Harry - Necessary Evil

You wouldn't expect an artist who's just turned 63 and is 40 years into her recording career to still be pushing herself but there's very little on Debbie Harry's sixth album that sounds familiar or safe - apart from her unmistakable voice. Instead, Necessary Evil is a bit of a challenge for everyone: there are two-step beats (Charm Redux), shouty electro-punk (You're Too Hot), torchy noir (Paradise) and, on the filthy Dirty And Deep, some of the most embarrassingly lewd rapping since Madonna's Erotica. In fact, the album contains plenty of 'did she actually just sing that?' moments - notably on School For Scandal, where we learn that "the devil's dick is hard to handle". Oh dear. Fortunately, Harry's cool bravado and steely sexuality shine through.

Necessary Evil is on Eleven Seven Music

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