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The Sun - 3rd January 2008


Blondie star is Debbie Hairy

HERE’S how a painting of DEBBIE HARRY ended up after former GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist SLASH got his rock star hands on it. 

He gave the BLONDIE singer a black eye, ’tache and goatee beard when he spotted the portrait on a corridor wall at Virgin Radio’s London HQ. 

But tickled station bosses have left the picture UP. 

A source revealed: “Slash was in the studio being interviewed. 

“Out of the blue he asked if anyone had a marker pen. 

“A few minutes later he said he needed to pop to the loo. He then walked over to the painting as a runner walked past and turned to him and mouthed, ‘Shhh!’.” 

Breakfast Show DJ CHRISTIAN O’CONNELL said: “We’re not going to bother replacing the painting. It’s a great story to tell visitors.” 

Well, I’d heard Blondies have the most fun.

Link: The Sun - 3rd January 2008

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