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The Sun Online - Friday 14th September 2007

This week's top albums

DEBORAH HARRY - Necessary Evil

Rating **

OH dear, Debbie. Thirty years on from Blondie’s halcyon days and things aren’t sounding so good. Two Time Blue kicks off the album with a slice of radio-friendly AOR. 

Harry starts off sounding a little like Marianne Faithful but then lets her voice come through and we are reminded how wonderful it is.

But that’s part of the problem. The album as a whole doesn’t offer enough of the classic Harry. Harry says she wants to “keep moving forward” and the ingredients are all here. But, unlike someone such as John Cale, she hasn’t learnt the knack of putting them together. 

It’s all drowned in some kind of New York stewpot – hand claps, synth sounds and over-production. A dish to be avoided. SFO

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