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TimesOnline - 15th September 2007

From The Times

Deborah Harry: Necessary Evil STEVE JELBERT 

It has been a busy month for venerable punk divas, with Siouxsie’s overdue solo debut followed by the first record credited to Deborah Harry in 15 years. 

The fourth album from Blondie’s singer is deliberately wider in scope than her band work, from the pounding 1980s-style pop of the single Two Times Blue to the almost abstract Afro-funk of the near-instrumental Jen Jen. Dirty and Deep is a contemporary sounding slice of electronic pop inspired by the escapades of a different generation of performers, while What is Love is a ballad as bleakly elegant as anything by Abba at their gloomiest. The spiky Whiteout and You’re too Hot sit less well with Harry’s exotic pensioner status, but this is a lively addition to her extensive catalogue. 

(Eleven Seven)

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