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ultimateguitar - 9th January 2008

Another Blondie Album The Next Step For Deborah Harry?

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame vocalist, Deborah Harry, who became a mega star in the 80's with her band Blondie, has finished up her solo tour in support of her latest release 'Necessary Evil' and she's open to the possibility of recording another Blondie album. Blondie, who rose on the music scene in the late seventies and early eighties with their infectious blend of punk rock and New Wave, saw the band climb the charts on the strength of hit singles "The Tide Is High", "Rapture" and their #1 single "Call Me."

So with Deborah's 'Necessary Evil' tour finished does she see the possibility of getting in the studio once again with Blondie to record the bands first studio album since 2003's 'The Curse of Blondie.' 

Another Blondie Album Next Step For Deborah Harry 

"I hope so. I mean, we talk about it. I guess if 'Necessary Evil' is successful and people want to hear more, then doing another Blondie album would be the next step." 

Although Blondie hasn't recorded an album of all new material since 2003, the band released a live album in 2004 and two greatest hits compilations in 2005 and 2006. If the band does decide to get into the studio almost certainly a tour would soon follow as well.

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