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winnipegsun.com - Saturday 20th October 2007


All work and no play for Debbie Harry


In addition to a new solo album, Necessary Evil, and solo tour -- the only Canadian date so far is Nov. 23 in Toronto -- Blondie firebrand Debbie Harry has a few other irons in the fire: 

- Her autobiography, for starters, in which she admits she was a Playboy Bunny among other things in her pre-Blondie days, should be entertaining. "For me to write 300 pages of what I can remember is going to be quite a task. People tell me things that we did and I said, 'What?' There's too much to remember. I've been a busy girl. I might make a lot of it up. I might have to." 

- Co-writing a new Blondie song, Moment of Truth, and a few rewrites for a London/West End production of Desperately Seeking Susan that uses all Blondie songs and is currently in previews. "It sort of reminds me of a '40s Cary Grant movie. It's very fast-paced. And it's sort of cute and yet it's got these tender moments in it. I hope it works for them ... I was supposed to go to opening night but now I'm going to be on the road." 

- A small part as Dennis Hopper's estranged wife in Elegy, co-starring Ben Kingsley and Penelope Cruz although she'd love to have a leading role one day in a film directed by Sarah Polley, Quentin Tarantino or Charlie Kaufman. "I want a big part," she said. "I don't know if I could actually carry a whole film but I think I could." 

- Interest from Kirsten Dunst in playing Harry in a Blondie biopic. "We met socially, a couple of times, and then we talked about it as a possible project but there's really nothing written. It's not a go. There's no green light. It's not a done deal. It's an idea. She'd like to do it and I think she's terrific. I'd have to put her through a severe audition -- make sure she's good enough!" 

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