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Yahoo! News - Tuesday 18th September 2007

Harry: 'I have no regrets about Blondie break'
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Deborah Harry has no regrets over Blondie's split at the height of the group's fame - because it helped the band achieve "legendary" status.

The Atomic stars disbanded in 1982 after guitarist Chris Stein fell ill, before reuniting in 1997 with single Maria and a new album, both of which were met with critical acclaim.

And frontwoman Harry insists Blondie's 15-year break from the music scene cultivated a "flattering" attitude towards the group.

Harry says, "In a way it was providential - it went in our favour because people were copying us and there was nothing I could do about it, and then when we came back we had taken on this status as being something legendary, or some ridiculous thing.

"By then I just felt flattered by it. It's interesting to see what becomes style and what becomes acceptable."

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