Koo Koo - USA Chrysalis Records Promo 1981


Debbie Harry alone... now there's a CHIC concept. "Koo Koo" is the framework that ties together the CHIC production and the collaborative efforts of Chris Stein, Debbie Harry, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards.

After five years of garnering much commercial, critical and worldwide acclaim, including three platinum albums, four number one singles ("Heart Of Glass", "Call Me", "The Tide Is High" and "Rapture"), Debbie Harry decided to split hairs and separate the blonde from Blondie.

Blondie is unique as a group in that the band obviously functions quite effectively together and yet, each member is so uniquely individual that they are able to branch out and give life to their own separate projects.

Looking at the background of the record's producers, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of the CHIC Organization, it is understandable that Debbie selected these two prominent artists for such an important project. Rodgers, raised in Greenwich Village, was a member of "New World Rising", one of the first electric bands to play New York's Max's Kansas City of which the venue was a starting point for the Stilletos, a band which Chris Stein and Debbie Harry started before Blondie. Edwards has lived in New York since the age of 10 and the two together played their brand of urban sophistication and street wise funkiness in small clubs in and around New York.

CHICS' succcess is highly notable. Their track record includes a gold and two platinum albums as well as four hit singles ("Good Times", "I Want Your Love", "Le Freak", "Dance, Dance, Dance") and they have also produced Sister Sledges' platinum album, "We Are Family" and Diana Ross' platinum, "Diana".

This CHIC and unique pairing came about when Debbie and Chris were in the studio working on "Eat To The Beat" and CHIC were recording "Risque". They met several more times over the next two years and the idea for a collaboration developed. There exists a mutual professional respect and the natural progression was to ask Edwards and Rodgers to produce and co-write the album. "We have all admired each other's work for a long time", states Debbie Harry.

If you find the cover "Alien" you're correct for the painting and concept is that of Swiss painter and designer H.R. Giger, set designer of the futuristic suspense thriller, "Alien". His work combines eroticism, several kinds of symbolism, beautiful, but highly-stylized women, machinery, bones, skulls, intricate and exquisite designs, landscapes, bondage, misery and despair and often beauty of a terrible, but elegant kind. They have echoes of the work of Hieronymous Bosch, Salvador Dali and Richard Dadd, but are purely and originally the products of Giger and his incredible imagination and conceptual vitality.

Debbie and Chris were introduced to H.R. Giger by way of "Alien". "We saw the movie and knew that we wanted him to do the cover", said Debbie Harry. According to Giger, the cover is, "whatever you see, whatever you want it to mean. Literally, I suppose the lightning shows high energy. Recently, I've been trying acupuncture, hence, the needles as well as the 'punk' with the word acupuncture. I'm continually showing in my work the ideas of metamorphosis. Most of all, I believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, therefore, art takes on an entirely personal and unique meaning as defined by the observer".

"I also see the cover as projecting energy and vitality", states Debbie Harry. "The title 'Koo Koo' stems from the 'cu' syllable in acupuncture. Eventually, I came up with 'Koo Koo.'"

"Koo Koo" emerges as a joining of pop, rock, disco, funk, reggae, R&B and heavy metal into a single style of music. "Many times people have asked me if the lyrics mean such and such. Usually the words simply mean what they say and anything deeper is merely a personal interpretation by the listener. I hope you like "Koo Koo" whether you are dancing, listening, driving, at home or at work". 2001-2008.  About | Contact | Search