NME 4th October 2003

NME - October 4th 2003 - page 60

The Curse Of Blondie

New wave legends not dribbling yet.

Reaching an age that only oak trees and members of The Darkness can relate to, Blondie should have no right to be still making records. Thing is, we've got no right to stop them, given that any ideas we'd normally accuse a bunch of old fogies of cashing in on were perfected by them in the first place. How, for instance, could you suggest that the synth-gurglin' electro-disco of 'Good Boys' or 'Undone' were striving for scenester cred when Debbie Harry was bashing out attitude-laced fem-pop before Karen O had customised her first pair of diapers? Of course, a good half of this album is pure horrorshow. Seven-minute closer 'Songs Of Love' only goes to show that one genre Blondie never pioneered during their heyday was Parisian Jazz Band Tuning Up With Rusty Spanners. Blessed and cursed, then, in equal amounts. Tim Jonze

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