UK Q Magazine - Jan 1989

Q Magazine - January 1989


Reviewed by Mark Cooper

Nothing has a shorter shelf-life than a remix unless it's a remix of an old song. This 13-track double album/single cassette/CD juxtaposes six new mixes of Blondie hits like Denis, Heart Of Glass and The Tide Is High with pre-existing 12-inch mixes of Debbie Harry's solo singles and oddities like the French version of Sunday Girl. Long players aren't the best medium for remixes which belong to the 12-inch and novelty-obsessed culture of the dancefloor. Throw together the work of remix artists like Dancin' Danny D, Shep Pettibone and Coldcut and their collages of percussion, phasing and the rest merely sound like jackboot trampling over Harry's winsome charms. They demonstrate the current tyranny of the remixer whose sole interest is in stripping songs down towards the bare essentials of the beat and adding a few crass tricks on top. Thus Ben Liebrand's remix of Moroder's Call Me substitutes endless diddling on a portable phone for the couple of witty rings that end the original. Maybe remixes need to be a little closer in time to the original to catch something of their spirit, certainly Harry's solo work sits a lot easier with the process. There will be a new Harry solo album in '89; meanwhile, perhaps Chrysalis would have done better to let sleeping dogs lie. 2001-2008.  About | Contact | Search