Q Magazine

October 2007 - Page 98

Q Review - New Albums
Necessary Evil
2 out of 5 stars

BLONDIE ICON SINGS SONGS ABOUT SATAN'S COCK. Since Deborah Harry's last solo album - Debravation in 1993 - there has been the small matter of Blondie's successful late-'90s comeback. Promisingly enough, Necessary Evil's opening track and lead single Two Times Blue comes from the same school of classy pop as 1999's unexpected Number 1, Maria. Sadly it's not all this good: School For Scandal has Ms Harry singing, "The devil's dick is hard to handle", a line that would embarrass even Fred Durst. There's commendable variety among these 17 tracks, but little that rises above the mediocre. PHIL MONGREDIEN

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