This section is an archive of rip-her-to-shreds updates listing everything from June 1st 2003 onwards. I've done my best to make it easy to navigate by adding an Updates Menu on the left of this page which follows through on all the months and years I've updated pages.

I started my first Blondie site back in 1997 using geocities free web service and it was a very basic 10 page site listing the main albums, singles, videos, latest news, etc. I then moved the site to my own server 2 years later and called it No Exit. Eventually with the changes in technology and the growth of the internet I wanted to start all over again. The original scans were very small and compressed, I wasn't happy and I wanted my own domain name and a more original site so I acquired in September 2001. I wasn't planning or expecting it to grow as big as it has. It's been a joy most of the time, sometimes it's been too much and I had to stop for a while but I'm really proud of it. Everyone who's sent emails of encouragement, thank you. I didn't just do it for myself, I wanted to share my collection and let people know of some of the things that are out there on Blondie. It's a hobby, not my life. There will be more updates in the future, there's always more boxes of stuff and more things that I keep finding in shops and on ebay etc.

It was an interesting task compiling the past updates section. I was quite shocked at how much work I'd done to the site and it's always nice to look back and see when certain things were put online. I hope you enjoy this section and you find it of some interest!

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